Saturday January 14, 2017
BMR Rocket Davey Watt left Wednesday’s frustration at Undera firmly behind him with a tremendous display in tonight’s final round at Kurri Kurri that ensures third place overall in the Australian Championship series.

An emphatic opening race victory set the scene for Watt’s night, with four subsequent second places leaving the Queensland State title winner comfortably through to the “B” Final with 11 points.

Although unable to place in that additional heat, with rival Max Fricke – who had started the meeting level on points with Watt – finishing the night with just 8, and next candidate Troy Batchelor pegged back to third spot in the “A” Final, Davey ultimately had the bronze in the bag with a point to spare.

Defending champion Brady Kurtz won big on the last night of the series, but finished seventh overall as Sam Masters lifted his first national title following successive runner-up finishes, while Justin Sedgmen claimed the silver position, some 3 points behind Masters and 5 ahead of Watt.

All three, together with fourth placed Troy Batchelor, also made it through to the Speedway Grand Prix qualifiers.

But that’s a story for another time.

Congratulations, Davey!

Scorers (main 20 race programme):

Sam Masters 14, Brady Kurtz 13, Troy Batchelor 12 (qualified directly for “A” Final), Rohan Tungate 11, ]Davey Watt 11[/b], Nick Morris 9, Justin Sedgmen 9 (qualified for “B” Final), Max Fricke 8, Mason Campton 8, Todd Kurtz 6, Ty Proctor 6, Jaimon Lidsey 4, Jack Holder 3, Jordan Stewart 2, Josh Pickering 2, Cooper Riordan 2

“B” Final (winner to “A” Final):
Nick Morris, Justin Sedgmen, Rohan Tungate, Davey Watt

“A” Final:
Brady Kurtz, Nick Morris, Troy Batchelor, Sam Masters

Final series standings:

1 Sam Masters 58, 2 Justin Sedgmen 55, 3 Davey Watt 50, 4 Troy Batchelor 49, 5 Max Fricke 47, 6 Nick Morris 43, 7 Brady Kurtz 42, 8 Rohan Tungate 30, 9 Jack Holder 26, 10 Ty Proctor 22, 11 Mason Campton 20, 12 Jaimon Lidsey 19, 13= Todd Kurtz 17, Josh Pickering 17, 15 Jordan Stewart 15, 16 Cooper Riordan 9