Thursday June 15, 2017
BMR Rocket Chris Harris’ dream of returning to the Grand Prix in 2018 is unfortunately over after the former World No.6 finished a tantalising single point adrift of the cut in his Grand Prix Qualifier Semi-Final at Olching in Germany this afternoon.

The ten season GP regular and former World No.6 scored 7 points from his five programmed outings, which left him so near yet so far from a run-off for the last place in the GPQ Final in Togliatti in Russia in August.

Bomber will be hoping for better fortune when he targets British title No.4 in Monday’s national Final at Belle Vue’s National Speedway Stadium.

Remaining British interest in the GPQs now lies with Craig Cook, who gave a near faultless display at Rye House last night. The newly announced Great Britain captain competes in the other Semi-Final in Terenzano in Italy on Saturday.


Leon Madsen 15, Piot Pawlicki 14, Martin Smolinski 10 (after a run-off), Adrian Miedzinski 10, Martin Vaculik 10, Kai Huckenbeck 8 (after a run-off), Mateusz Szczepaniak 8, Kenneth Bjerre 8, CHRIS HARRIS 7, Peter Ljung 6, Hans Andersen 6, Oliver Berntzon 5, Mikkel Michelsen 4, Maksim Bogdanow 4, Kjastas Puodzuks 3, Andriej Karpow 2, Rene Deddens (res) 0. Erik Riss (res) did not ride.